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Monty Green
Biographical Information


  • Engineer
  • Agriculture Scientist
  • Arkadia Guard (former)
  • Earth (former)
  • The Ark(former)
  • Camp Jaha(former)
  • Mount Weather(former)
  • Arkadia(former)
  • Becca's Island(former)
  • Go-Sci Ring(former)
  • Shallow Valley(former)
  • Second Dawn Bunker(former)
  • Eligius IV(former)

Sky People

Delinquents|The 100

Physical Description


  • Hannah Green
  • Unnamed Father
  • Jasper Jordan†(best friend)
  • Harper McIntyre†(life partner)
  • Jordan Green(son)
Other Information
  • A Mount Weather Guard
  • 350 remaining inhabitants of Mount Weather (indirectly)
  • Hannah Green
  • Tybe(caused)
Portrayed by

Christopher Larkin

First appearance


Last appearance

"Damocles (Part 2)"

"I can't change the tide if the moon won't cooperate. It's basic physics."
—Monty talking to Finn and Raven[src]

Monty Green is a character in The 100. He débuts in the first episode of the first season of The 100. He is portrayed by starring member Christopher Larkin.


Early Life

Monty grew up on Agro Station with his best friend, Jasper Jordan. Monty has known Jasper since childhood, with Jasper being in every memory Monty has. At some point, Monty was recruited by engineering and met Kyle Wick. Monty was arrested alongside Jasper after they were caught stealing herbs from Monty's parents and Jasper forgot to replace them.[1][2]

Sent to Earth

Monty is strapped onto the Dropship wall, next to Jasper Jordan. On the way down to Earth, Monty and the rest of the 100 learn that they are headed for Mount Weather. When the Dropship lands on Earth, Monty and Jasper comment that there is no machine hum. Like the rest of the Delinquents, Monty watches the conflict between Wells Jaha and John Murphy. Later, Monty and Jasper are pulled away from talking to other Delinquents by Finn into the journey to Mount Weather. Octavia invites herself along. While they are walking Jasper mentions to Monty that Finn has game but Monty quickly proved him wrong when he mentions the flower is poison sumac. Finn asks how they got imprisoned. Jasper and Monty hint they were arrested for making illegal substances by using herbs from Agro Station. Jasper complains that Monty got them arrested and Monty mentions that he's apologized 1000 times. When Jasper upsets Octavia, Monty makes fun of Jasper by telling him upsetting her is not game. Minutes later they see their first animal, a deer. Monty watches in awe until Finn snaps a twig and the deer turns to them shocking the group with its two heads. When they arrive at a river, Monty watches in shock as Octavia strips. When she jumps into the water he is shown to be fearful because they don't know how to swim, but Octavia stands up revealing that the river is not deep. Monty goes to undress but stops when Jasper notices movement in the water. Monty watches on in shock as Octavia is attacked by the sea serpent and taken under the water. When the group realize she is still alive, Monty helps save her by pushing a boulder into the river. Later that night, Monty sleeps near Jasper and Octavia. The next morning they find another way to cross the river. When Jasper lands safely on the other side Monty and the others cheer. However, moments later Jasper is pierced in the chest with a spear, leaving Monty and the rest in shock.[1]

Monty returns to the other Delinquents along with Clarke, Finn, & Octavia to tell them about Jasper. When Clarke decides to go find Jasper he asks to come but she says no and tells him to figure out the Ark's configuration. Later, while he's working, Octavia is sent in there and they have a talk. Monty says that Jasper was like a brother to him and can't afford to lose him. Monty also helps Octavia on taking her wristband off to make a radio.[3]

While Clarke, Finn, and Wells go search for a seaweed that will help Jasper, Monty and Octavia stay to take care of him. During the night all the Delinquents are forced to take shelter in the dropship due to acid fog and many become annoyed with Jasper's painful moans, so Murphy decides to kill him. However, Octavia and Monty stop him by barricading the upper level of the dropship.[4]

Monty is first seen telling Clarke that he will soon be able to fix radio with the help of the wristbands. He stays in the ship for most of the day working on the radio. When he finishes he calls some of the others in and tells them that they will soon be able to converse with The Ark through morse code. However, things do not work out as planned and instead of becoming a radio it fries all of the wristbands, effectively making the Ark believe that all of the Delinquents have died. He is later seen giving Jasper a thumbs up after he kisses Octavia.[5]

Monty and Jasper survived the storm and are seen together at a table. They are counting the supplies for the camp and end up discovering the hallucinogenic nuts. Monty questions Jasper when he eats one. Later on, Monty is seen surrounded by the hallucinogenic Delinquents and enters the tent Finn Collins and Raven Reyes are in. They tell him to leave since they just slept together, but Monty asks for Raven's help. He is later seen complaining about his head hurting.[6]

His friendship with Jasper becomes strained when Jasper tells Monty that he's not like him anymore, that he's cool, and proceeds to say that Monty is jealous of him. Monty decides to move out of Jasper's tent. He eventually "comes to the rescue" and offers Jasper three extra bullets in order to help his friend make the shot that will blow the bomb on the bridge up.[7]

Monty appears when Raven asks him what he found at the dropship crash site. He shows off a data box he found and the strange jammer-like signal they can hear on it. He then gets into an argument with Raven over whether they would take the radio apart to use for creating walkie-talkies. He doesn't want to, because his family is still up on The Ark, but she does it anyway. Later, he joins the search party for Finn, Clarke, and Myles, and when he separates from the group, he continues to keep in contact via the walkie-talkies Raven created, but encounters a disturbance where he's at. Bellamy continues to try to get him to respond, but he's unable to respond. His walkie-talkie lies on the ground where he once stood but Monty is missing.[8]

Monty is still missing, and Raven and Jasper mention multiple times that a search group should be concocted to find him, Finn and Clarke, although Bellamy shuts them down, until the end where he decides Raven and Jasper were right and they should go out and look for them. But before they get a chance to, Clarke and Finn arrive. Clarke seems surprised Monty is missing, but she tells them they need to flee camp. Monty remains missing throughout the entirety of the episode, including the battle with the grounders. It isn't until the end of the episode, after the other delinquents are abducted by Mount Weather that we learn he's been held in one of the rooms in Quarantine, just across from Clarke. They both attempt to get their doors open when they spot one another, and shout for the other, but to no luck.[9][10]

After Clarke is released from her room, she spots Monty and Jasper at the information session in Mount Weather. Monty is both happy and relieved Clarke is back as he runs to her and embraces her. Later in the episode, he is with Jasper, eating cake. He jokes his cake is not as good as Jasper, so he wouldn't have to share, but offers it to Clarke.[11]

Monty approaches Jasper and Maya and asks Jasper if he's seen Clarke, telling him that he hasn't seen her for a full day. Jasper doesn't seem very concerned about this, and tells Monty that whatever Clarke is doing, she can handle it. Later, when Jasper approaches Monty, he is disappointed and tells Jasper that he was hoping he was Clarke. Jasper tells Monty that he'll go ask Maya if she has seen Clarke. Maya tells the two that Clarke was brought to the medical facility for reopening her wounds and says that she isn't to have visitors. Monty says that he'll see about that and walks off.[12]

Monty is first seen arguing with Jasper about what Dante Wallace told him happened to Clarke. While Monty wants to go after Clarke, Jasper wishes to stay. After Maya walks in, she tries to convince him that Jasper is safer at Mount Weather, which displeases Monty. As they continue talking, an unexpected radiation breach enters their room, hurting Maya by giving her severe radiation burns. When Jasper and Monty go to see Maya is in very critical condition, the doctor recommends a blood transfusion from Jasper. Monty tries to convince to think otherwise, but Jasper goes through the experiment anyways. The doctor recommends Monty to exit the room, but when Monty starts to ask questions about the experiment, he catches the doctor in a lie, causing him to stay longer. After the experiment was a success, he is seen in the same room as Jasper and Maya sleeping in a chair.[13]

Monty is determined to go after Clarke but then Maya enters the room and that puts a stop to his plans. Maya starts talking to Monty and Jasper about "pizza day" while holding up a pad of paper saying "Act normal. They're listening" and leads both of them into a storage room. Maya tells them that the breach wasn't an accident and that she's afraid Monty and Jasper are going to be next, while showing them the Harvest Chamber through a small opening in the storage room. She explains that the Mountain Men need the treatments, or else they would die. Monty says that they should die. Monty suggests that the Delinquents can try escaping like Clarke did but Maya warns there is better security so it wouldn't work. Jasper decides that, to buy everyone time, they should volunteer to donate their blood to the Mountain Men.[14]

Monty, along with the other Delinquents, are inside their dorm, discussing the plan of action they should take. Monty points out that they can't wait around for Clarke to come and rescue them. Jasper agrees with Monty and explains that they all need to be the criminals they are to find out the truth about the Ark citizens. Later on, Monty helps a few of his fellow Delinquents break into Dante's office and search it for any clues. They manage to find engineering schematics for Mount Weather as well as pictures of Camp Jaha. Later on, in their dorms, Monty and Miller are discussing the possibility of their parents being on Earth since they were able to see Alpha Station had made it. Jasper interrupts them, stating he hasn't seen Harper since they broke into Dante's office.[15]

Monty is telling the other Delinquents and Maya that he thinks he found a way to get a signal out of Mount Weather from the design schematics they stole from Dante's office. They then form a plan to access the area Monty needs to get to in order to set up a radio signal. Maya leads Monty and the others to a storage room, where Monty can access his radio signal. The Delinquents hammer a hole into the side of the wall in the storage room, and the noise is overlapped by an alarm Maya had a friend set off. Later, Monty has set up a looping transmission to get a message to the Ark. Monty hears the jamming signal and realizes that Mount Weather has been jamming them since the Exodus Ship crashed. Monty can't figure out a way to unjam the signal without being at the source. He tells them all he needs is five minutes in the Command Center. Monty and Miller hurry out of the room, while Maya and Jasper stay behind to cover the hole in the wall. Monty figured out a way to get into the Command Center. He is at the Command Center in a hazmat suit for a "routine follow-up" and kicks the guard out. Monty is able to unjam the signal to get their SOS message out, however, as he is leaving, Emerson stops him to fill out the log book. When Monty fills it out wrong, Emerson realizes that Monty isn't who he says he is. Emerson tackles Monty and chokes him. Later, Monty wakes up in a room full of cages. He also happens to be in one of those cages, just below a cage that Harper is in.[16]

Monty is still trapped in a cage, watching in horror as Dr. Tsing prepares to extract Harper's bone marrow. Before she does, Dante Wallace and Jasper barge into the room. Wallace has Tsing arrested and Monty freed. Later, Monty is inside of the dormitory getting ready to leave with the others, when the doors slam shut and lock them inside.[17]

Monty is among the delinquents who are fighting back to make sure Mount Weather does not take them away for Bone Marrow procedures. Later, Dr. Tsing chooses Monty for the procedure, but Jasper suddenly shoots a guard in his bulletproof vest and the delinquents begin to fight back once more. Ultimately losing to the guards, Jasper is dragged away. However, a radiation leak is exposed, causing the Mount Weather guards to fall down in agony, killing them. Dr. Tsing attempts to escape through an elevator, but Jasper, Harper, Monty and Miller hold the elevator door open, and watch as she slowly dies.[18]

The delinquents have moved to the mess hall, and Monty works on disabling the doors before the others begin to barricade them. The delinquents soon get into their positions when the guards come to get them, and they prepare for a fight. Monty arms himself with one of the guard's guns and then soon the guards bust the doors open and then throw gas grenades into the hall. When the guards take down the barricade a few moments later, they walk in and find the delinquents on the ground, presumably unconscious. It is revealed the grenades were tossed into buckets of water, and they are faking it. Jasper initiates the attack, and the delinquents jump up from their positions and fight back. Monty shoots and kills one of the Mountain Men. Later, Maya is set up by Cage to be killed if the delinquents don't surrender. Maya and Jasper decide they'll get her out through the trash shoot, but Monty reveals he disabled it. He reassures her he'll fix it though, but he struggles to get it done when time's almost up and then asks Miller to help him force it open. It is then when a force is heard on the other side and they all jump back, only to find it's Bellamy. It is revealed towards the end of the episode that the delinquents escaped through the trash shoot. Bellamy tells him that they're going to split up, but Monty feels like they should stick together. Bellamy then leads them to acquaintances of Maya's father that also don't agree with Cage's methods, and Vincent motions for them to come, and tells them that they are going to be divided along the way. Monty and Jasper hope to join Bellamy, but he says no as he needs to continue laying low. But Bellamy tells them to prepare for battle.[19]

Jasper, Bellamy andMaya find Monty when they want to get the rest of the 44. When they arrive Monty knees beside Ms.Ryan who helped the Delinquents and got killed. He tells them they took the rest of the 44, while he hid and that the Mountain Men know about the The Grounders) and that they know that the other Delinquents are in the Harvest Chamber. Bellamy, Jasper and Maya want to leave immediately to get them out, Jasper drags Mony with him. Later, when they arrive and see that the Grounders are gone and Maya's Father Vincent is dead he stands and watches as Jasper tries to comfort Maya.[20]

Monty, Jasper and Bellamy open the door to Mount Weather for Octavia and Clarke when Octavia sees them, she gives them a hug. Monty alongside Bellamy and Clarke go to Dante's room to ask him for help, when they arrive and find out that Dante isn't on their side anymore he is asked if he can get them into the Command Center he says yes and they leave. Later on, Monty watches in shock as Clarke takes out her gun and kills Dante with it. He then helps Clarke and Bellamy radiate Level 5 wich leads to the death of the Residents and Maya. When Monty, Bellamy and Clarke arrive on Level 5 and see Jasper holding Maya who died from radiation, Jasper asks Monty why he helped them, Monty tells him he is sorry but Jasper is still too shocked about Maya's Death and can't understand why Monty did that. Monty goes into the Dorm where the Delinquents and Sky People are, when he sees Harper he runs to her and gives her a hug, later when everyone is back in Camp Jaha he gives Clarke a hug, looks at Bellamy and then goes in with the others.[21]


Season One

  • "Pilot"
  • "Earth Skills"
  • "Earth Kills"
  • "Murphy's Law"
  • "Contents Under Pressure" (mentioned)
  • "Day Trip"
  • "Unity Day" (mentioned)
  • "I Am Become Death"
  • "The Calm"
  • "We Are Grounders (Part 1)" (mentioned)
  • "We Are Grounders (Part 2)"

Season Two

  • "The 48"
  • "Reapercussions"
  • "Human Trials"
  • "Fog of War"
  • "Long Into an Abyss"
  • "Remember Me"
  • "Coup de Grâce"
  • "Rubicon"
  • "Resurrection"
  • "Bodyguard of Lies" (mentioned)
  • "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)"
  • "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)"



Character Notes

  • Monty Green may be descended from the Grounder Anna Rae Green.
  • Monty's family was in charge of the pharmaceuticals when living on the Ark.
  • He is childhood best friends with Jasper.


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